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Public accountability meeting – 7 December 2021

Meeting overview

This month’s meeting focuses on:

  • North Yorkshire Police –  Serious organised crime –  To Explore how North Yorkshire Police and their partners are working together to effectively tackle serious organised crime in North Yorkshire.
  • North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service – Business fire safety – Exploring how the Service keeps our business premises safe from fires and applies learning from the Grenfell tragedy.

Ask your question on this month’s hot topics

The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

  • To ask a question in advance 
    Send your question to info@northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk before the day of the meeting. Please include your name and address with your question.
  • To ask a question during the meeting using Twitter
    To ask a question during the live broadcast, post your question on Twitter using #NYscrutiny
  • Not all questions may be able to be used, but they will inform the Commissioner’s questioning and the general discussion.


  • Chair – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Lisa Winward – Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Jonathan Foster – Interim Chief Fire Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Phil Cain – Deputy Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police 
  • Jonathan Dyson – Interim Deputy Chief Fire Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Simon Dennis – Chief Executive Officer, Office of the PFCC
  • Thomas Thorp – Interim Assistant Chief Executive, Office of the PFCC 
  • Caroline Blackburn – Interim Assistant Chief Executive, Office of the PFCC
  • Jenni Newberry – Head of Commissioning & Partnerships, Office of the PFCC
  • Peter Mountain – Policy & Scrutiny Manager, Office of the PFCC
  • Mark Pannone – Assistant Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Fran Naughton – Detective Superintendent, North Yorkshire Police
  • Dave Winspear – Interim Area Manager Director of Capabilities, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service


Thematic presentation:

  • Fran Naughton – NYP Detective Superintendent

Performance update:

  • Mark Pannone – NYP Assistant Chief Constable


Thematic presentation:

  • Dave Winspear – NYFRS Interim Area Manager Director of Capabilities

Performance update:

  • Jonathan Dyson – Interim Deputy Chief Fire Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service


Time Item Lead
1 13:30 Attendance and introductions Chair
2 13:32 Minutes of previous meeting and Actions All
3 13:35 Public questions Chair
4 13:40 Serious Organised Crime Presentation Police
5 14:25 Performance update Police
6 14:45 Business Fire Safety Presentation Fire
7 15:30 Performance update Fire
8 15:50 Public questions Chair
9 15:55 Any other business All
10 16:00 Tuesday 25th January  2022

Meeting papers

Public questions

Q1 – Fixed penalty notice

When a fixed penalty is awarded for traffic incidents the policy seems to be that the individual is not given access to the evidence of the offence until they have decided whether to take the fixed penalty or to opt for the case to be heard in court.

  • Is this correct?
  • If so, why can they not see the evidence before making the decision?

Q2 – Gwen – York – York protests

  • Why was this one allowed and not others we were told , I hear that the city was too busy on similar Saturdays. Who makes these decisions, how many have been refused on the grounds the city is too busy
  • What was the risk assessment? Were the numbers as expected as this seems to have been an extraordinary visible horse and police presence. Was a lower key response considered with police in reserve?
  • This was a massive effort and cost .. can it be clarified?

Q3 – David – Sleights – Fox hunting

  • What measures are in place to tackle illegal foxhunting in the Sleights area?

Q4 – Overseeing complaints

  • What assurance can you offer that police misconduct will be both taken seriously and that firm action will be taken against offending officers?

Q5 – Follow up question from Gwen in York to Q2 via Twitter

  • #NYscrutiny – who authorised this protest? How many & Why were others refused because the city was busy? Who gives permission for these, how many refused ..

Q6 – William @Wnicholasgomes via Twitter

  • @northyorkspfcc Please ask of Mark Pannone about what they do to help individuals who have given up waiting for their calls to be answered for a lengthy period of time.
  • What kind of support might the .@northyorkspfcc provide to the @NYorksPolice so that  the response time to both emergency and non-emergency calls may be improved to improve public service?

Watch live

  • YouTube : https://youtu.be/xqFRx7nxGcE
  • Commissioner’s website: https://bit.ly/PAM7Dec2021