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2017 12 December

Joint Independent Audit Committee
Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Police
3 pm Tuesday 12 December 2017
The Haigh Meeting room, First floor, Alverton Court

No. Item Purpose Lead
1 Attendance and apologies To note attendance and apologies: Apologies: CEO Joanna Carter, Interim CEO Fraser Sampson Chair
2 Declaration of Interest Chair
3 Minutes of previous meeting To discuss and agree the draft    minutes of the previous meeting held on 19th September2017 Chair
4 Matters arising Chair
5 NAO -Cyber security and Information Risk guidance Q &A – Richard  Chief Digital Information Officer RJ
5 https://www.nao.org.uk/report/cyber-security-and-information-risk-guidance// RJ
6 Internal Audit Progress Report Committee to review RSM
 6 Internal Audit Progress Report:
6 Follow Up of Previous Internal Audit Recommendations Visit One:
 6 Human Resources  Recruitment:
 6 Exhibits: Seizure, Storage and Disposal of Controlled Drugs: Confidential report
 6 Code of Practice Victims of Crime:
7 External Audit report Committee to review Mazars
 7 External audit progress report:
 7 Annual audit letter Police and Crime Commissioner
 7 Annual audit letter Chief Constable
8 Audit Recommendation Tracker Committee to review DS
9 HMIC (finalised in the last quarter) Reports in last Quarter
 9 https://www.justiceinspectorates.gov.uk/hmicfrs/?force=north-yorkshire&type=publications
 9 Abuse of position for a sexual purposeT
 9 Abuse of position assessment – North Yorkshire Police
 9 Stolen freedom: the policing response to modern slavery and human trafficking
 9 PEEL: police efficiency 2017 North Yorkshire Police
 9 PEEL: police efficiency 2017
 9 A progress report on the police response to domestic abuse
 9 North Yorkshire – 2017 Value for money profile
 9 Planes, drones and helicopters: an independent study of police air support
10 HMIC exception report For Information DS
11 Risk Management and Business Continuity Overview Committee to review – Confidential Item DS
12 JIAC Forward Planner Committee to review DS
13 Dates of future meetings
 13 20th March 2018 MP
 13 24th May 2018
 13 26th July 2018
 13 20th November 2018
14 Next meeting  The next meeting of the JIAC will take place at 14:00 on 20th March 2018 in the Forge Meeting Room, Ground Floor Alverton Court  


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