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2016 13 December

Joint Independent Audit Committee 

Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Police 

1 pm Tuesday 13 December 2016

Conference room three, Police Headquarters, Newby Wiske, DL7 9HA 


1. Introductions and Apologies


  • Apologies CC Dave Jones
  • PCC Julia Mulligan
  • Cameron Waddle – External Audit Engagement Lead

2. Declarations of interest
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2016

4. Matters arising

5. Confidential discussion during consideration of Items 10 on the grounds that they will involve, or discussion of them will involve the likely disclosure of exempt information.

6. External Audit Annual Completion Reports

Reports of the External Auditors

7. External Auditors Appointment from 1st April 2018

Joint Report of the Commissioner’s Chief Finance Officer and the Chief Constable’s Chief Finance Officer and Chief Accountant

8a. Internal Audit Progress Reports and Closure Report

Report of Internal Auditors

8b. Internal Audit Strategy for 2017/18

Verbal report of Internal Auditors

9a. Corporate Performance Report – For information

9b. Autumn Statement and Funding Formula update

Report of the Commissioner’s Chief Finance Officer

10. Risk Management Report – Confidential report

Report of Risk and Assurance Manager

11. Update on the Annual Governance Statement – 4 key areas for development

Report of Risk and Assurance Manager

12. Committee Self-assessment update

CIPFA Survey for Committee members perusal

13a. Commissioner’s Decisions

The link to the decisions taken by the Commissioner is provided below for members’ information.

13b. Commissioner’s and Chief Constable’s items

An opportunity for the Commissioner and Chief Constable or their representatives to update members of the Committee on any items relevant to its Terms of Reference, particularly new or increased risks and governance matters.
To assist members in understanding the context of the Committee’s work and current relevant issues.

14a. Confirmation of date of next meeting:

Tuesday 21 March 2017 commencing at 1pm
(Venue: Conference Room One Police HQ, Newby Wiske)

14b. Dates of 2017 meetings:

 Tuesday 20 June 2017
 Tuesday 19 September 2017
 Tuesday 12 December 2017

All meetings to commence at 1pm in Conference Room One, Police Headquarters

15. Any other urgent business (at discretion of Chairman)